A Month of Tuesdays and Lizards

CTP & Guests @ Lizard Lounge, May 2011


Avast ye, mateys!!

My combo, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, will be returning to the Lizard Lounge (1667 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, in the seamy underbelly of the Cambridge Common Restaurant; (617) 547-0759) in May for a residency of Tuesdays (all of them, in fact), as a result of having had so much fun under similar circumstances back in February. A special guest artist, near and dear to our hearts, will be joining us each week, and in most (likely, all) cases collaborating with us in some regard. Also included will be a Music Appreciation segment, in which I attempt to force my musical tastes on the general public, so that they may better achieve Enlightenment.

As you know, the CTP is one of The Truly Great Bands In The Universe, and Not Normal, and we encourage the spreading of the word, and even gently suggest that this presents a wonderful opportunity to write about our latest fine release, “The Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows”, which, as usual, has not received the acclaim it so richly deserves.

Attached is a very interesting flyer, suitable for framing, featuring myself and my drummist, Rikki Bates, disguised as Asian monkeys; we heartily encourage you to post it at your place of business, preferably in the bathroom. Horrifying high res photos of Us are, of course, also available at the Horrifying High Res photo section of our website.

Below is the rundown on the afore-mentioned guest artists; we do hope you’ll join us (or at least write about us), and we promise not to be boring, usually:

  • May 3rd- longtime area fave Rick Berlin, founder of Orchestra Luna, who may or may not be playing songs from his latest album, “Paper Airplane”.
  • May 10- Kami Lyle (the lovely and appealing, making a rare Boston Appearance with bassist Joey Spampinato and guitarist Tad Price; Kami will also be playing trumpet with the CTP).
  • May 17- Jennifer Kimball (like, our absolute darling, who was sensational as always at this post in March and we just couldn’t wait to go again).
  • May 24- P.J. O’Connell (longtime pal and fab songwriter, promoting his excellent new album “Join the Crowd” in a rare Boston appearance).
  • May 31- the Catbirds (featuring CTP-ites Rikki Bates, Dinty Child, and myself, plus the legendary Steve Wood, celebrating the release of our debut EP, “Viborate”).

The shows will start with our openers at 8:30.

We thank you for your consideration.


C. Travis, proprietor

A Month of Tuesdays and Lizards

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