We’re Singing & Swinging This Year

Swinging This Year
Maybe This is Our Year / My Blue Heaven” – recorded by The Valet (that’s me!) at Janice & Billy Perkins’ Birthday Hootenanny, July 26, 2014 – Chandler premiered this song in January 2013 during a Cape & Islands Radio interview.  Pretty soon after that he began incorporating “My Blue Heaven” into the arrangement, though not all the time and not always the same length – that boy keeps us on our toes, he does.

I should point out that this features the keyboards of Jimmy Gambino who was making maiden voyage with the band that day – we hope we didn’t scare him off, he played great.

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  • Bryan MacMartin

    When I hear My Blue Heaven, I always remember that classic recording by Yashi Takamura and the Hiroshima Bobcats which was played through the camp P.A. system in the movie M.A.S.H.! It was on the soundtrack album and the lyrics are in KOREAN!


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