I Wanna Rock Christmas

I Wanna Rock Christmas” – the Chandler Travis Philharmonic with the Athol Thingerth -video from last Sunday, Dec. 11th, at the Cape Cod Cavalcade for the Homeless at Ocean’s Edge, Brewster, shot by Ron Daniels; audio from the 2009 Cheap Seats Christmas benefit compilation “A Christmas Miracle”, our track recorded by Chris Blood at Trout Towers.

I write a new Christmas song just about every year, but only a few of them stay in the repertoire like this one has. It probably continues to make the cut in part because it’s so simple -three chords, only a couple lines to remember for the chorus -but hopefully it hasn’t worn out its welcome too badly after all these years (actually, kind of shocked we haven’t posted it yet!) We do have another Christmas album pretty much finished, where this one’s scheduled to land again; if we can just stay focused, some hope we may get it out for next year!!

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