WooWooPalooza “I Want It”

“I Want It”- the Catbirds at the WooWoopalooza benefit at Wellfleet Beachcomber, August ​12,​ 2016.​ ​Basic video shot by Brian Tarcy of CapeCodWave (an online magazine covering the character and culture of Cape Cod, with an emphasis on local original music) with extra footage from ​Sharappa​, edited and assembled by Chris Blood; audio recorded and mixed by Chris Blood.

I’ve written about i​t elsewhere, but this was quite a show, a benefit for our guitarist and singer Steve Wood with all friends and family in attendance​ including Sarah Swain & the Oh Boys, the Spampinato Brothers, the Ticks,the Flakes, ​and ​Sal Baglio​.​​​)​

It was his first show back after months of chemo, almost exactly a month after he had his bladder replaced, and there had been a lot of concern about whether Steve would be able to perform at all; even though he always insisted he’d be fine, it just seemed unlikely, all things considered. But in the end he not only played a set w the Catbirds, but also w the Greenheads, and another cameo appearance with the Ticks, if I remember correctly; he was an absolute lion (though sick as a dog the next day!)

The show itself was a real home-spun-“It’s a Wonderful Life” experience, with all of the bands so happy to get to do something for Steve, who’s just one of those guys everybody loves. So the joint was packed, and the crowd was totally in on it, and contributed an amazing amount of cash via passing the hat (at one point Sarah Swain came up after making a circuit passing the hat with the most astonished, beaming smile at how much everyone was donating… it really was something!)

This particular song always was essence of WooWoo, and the fact that he could nail it to that extent under the circumstances just blows me away; I think it’s one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen, but I can’t pretend objectivity- you tell me. Sure am grateful to everyone who was there that night, esp. the large candy himself, Steve “Woo Woo” Wood.

WooWooPalooza “I Want It”
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  • January 26, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    This is FAB !!! God Bless Steve Wood and God Bless the Catbirds!!! Joy baby joy! YEAH!!!


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